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Organic Fruit and Vegetable Baskets

Every two weeks Delivery

Check which size :

Mini (1 person)30$
Couple (2 persons)40$
Family (3 or 4 persons)55$
Super (4 persons or more)72$
100% Quebec37$
The Traditional (simple and easy to prepare)45$
Extra-Fruits (may be added to any size basket)20$
Small Just-Vegetables (couple portion of vegetables only)30$
Just-Vegetables (family portion of vegetables only)40$
Small Just-Fruits (couple portion of fruits only)30$
Just-Fruits (double portion of fruits only)40$

Not desired fruits and/or vegetables

If you do not want to receive some kind of fruits and/or vegetables, please specify. We will replace them by other fruits or vegetables. For more information, consult our fruit and vegetable lists.

If you give us exceptions to your basket, we will do all possible efforts to replace this or these fruit or vegetable, but we cannot guarantee 100% sure that it will always be respected.

Total per delivery :
Frequency of delivery :
Total for the order : 
Total per payment :

A discount of 4% may apply to the total for your order :

  • If you order 12 baskets (every two weeks) AND you pay the balance in one payment,
  • AND if you continue receiving baskets for the duration of your order
Registration fees :
Total for the order :

Comments :

20$ resgistration fee owill be charge on the first payment of your first subscription. These fees will be used to promote our agency and for our administrative expenses.

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