New families must register for a minimum of 12 paniers initially. A phone call reminder will be done at the end of each block of four (4) months.


A discount of 4% may apply to the total of your order:

  • IF you pay the balance in one check, AND/OR
  • IF you order 12 or more paniers, the discount applies to your final payment
  • AND if you continue receiving paniers for the duration of your order

To register, just telephone or fill out the on-line order form.


By cheque

If you choose to pay by check, you have to pay all your command in one time. You named your check to Alter-Native Bio and send it to our adress.

Pre-authourised payment plan

Fill out a form, sign and date, and include a sample cheque with “VOID” or “SAMPLE” marked on it. Then it’s simple. The payments will be made every two weeks according to the calendar for payment due dates. You will receive by e-mail the form for this kind of payment mode.

We accept new orders at any time during the year.