About us

We began this amazing project during Stéphanie’s pregnancy. While planning the arrival of our twins, we felt the importance of earning a livelihood for this new family, while at the same time being present as much as possible with these two new little girls, Floriane and Salomé !

Sanders Farm, where we were getting our box of organic vegetables, opened the door for us by offering the possibility to take over the responsibility for around thirty of their clients in the Montreal area. Thus it came about that since May 2002, we’ve been busy building our own clientele for food baskets.

Today around 325 families receive a food basket of organic fruits and vegetables with Alter-Native Bio every two weeks. Richer looks after the organic food resources, purchasing and delivery. Stéphanie looks after human resources and administration.

Richer Cloutier and Stéphanie Roy. It’s a pleasure to serve you !!!